Crisis Management refers to the process by which an organization deals with a Kidnap & Ransom (K&R) event.
Crisis Management begins by assembling those individuals (the C-Squad) that identify* and then analyze the breadth and scope of the event.  
Response to a confirmed K&R event is to:

  • GAUGE the scope of the crises event;
  • ASSESS the impact and potential impact on all stakeholders in the organization; and
  • DETERMINE the necessary sequence of response actions to the event.  At this stage (if applicable) a Response Team representing the insurance syndicate that underwrites ransom amounts, becomes a participant in the process.
  • COMMUNICATION remains the continuum, the thread that must run throughout all phases of management of a crisis event.  A crises event is a fluid situation. It is important that all incoming information is contained and properly directed.

        * The 21st Century brought significant shifts to our geopolitical climate. ‘Identify’ has subsequently been introduced as the FIRST STEP in Crises
          Management as an increasing number of ‘Kidnapping Events’ are quickly determined to be ‘Terrorist Acts’ and subsequently require modified response and remedy protocols.